I the owner of Abram Mashego Construction and Maintenance Works (Pty) Ltd, pledge to always outperform ourselves in every assignment and trust in our execution by the relevant client in our field.

Abram Mashego Construction and Maintenance Works (Pty) Ltd was established as a counter measure aimed at redressing the unemployment rate, entrepreneurial demoralization and most importantly to partake and contribute in the country’s economic revival, woman empowerment and also redressing and exploiting HDI in a very acceptable way as required by the law.



In order to achieve our objectives we aspire to:

  • To become nationally recognized and preferred supplier, construction and distribution services to the government and society at large.
  • To become a self-sufficient business enterprise by the second decade of the 21st century.
  • To become a pioneer in job creation projects, especially not forgetting women, disabled youth and HDI.
  • Lobby for the stringent tender system with regards to awarding criteria especially the public works program across all sectors of construction, supply and distribution.
  • To become a well preferred listed entity within five (5) years of operation.
  • To encourage contribute towards the development of our communities especially, women, disabled, youth programs, but not compromising our set objectives of growth in the country.


Given both our vision & mission in futherannce of our objectives, we pledge to:

  • Provide quality construction services and healthy, hygienic business to our clients.
  • To become a relevant industrial, relevant leader by the way of service and products rendered to our clients.
  • Add value to our clients’ need and satisfaction on the services rendered.
  • Consolidation of Abram Mashego Construction and Maintenance Works (Pty) Ltd in every way possible without violating the applicable and required laws of the country.
  • Get into strategic partnership with relevant industry players.
  • Expand our services to the rest of the country by sharing our experiences with our fellows and those enhancing my own knowledge.